First Young Graduate Programme

Given the Bank's diverse businesses in Libya - Retail Banking, Corporate, Trade Finance and Islamic Banking, we offer local graduates the opportunity to embark on a dynamic career involving our wide range of activities and functions. Sahara Bank Young Graduate Programme is implemented in all Sahara Bank network under Human Resources department co-ordination.

The programme aims to:

  • Attract the most outstanding Libyan graduates
  • Provide them with a training within international bank standards
  • Develop local talent and potential
  • Create a pool of Libyan experienced professionals.

In Libya this programme is targeted at:

  • Libyan nationals
  • University degree graduates
  • Candidates with good:
    • performance scores
    • educational background
    • interpersonal skills

After a selection process launched in June 2009, 12 successful candidates have been recruited and are currently undergoing a structured orientation, training and integration programme co-ordinated by the Human Resources department. Through this programme, fresh graduates are getting the experience of working for an international bank, their talent is nurtured and developed and they are exposed to career opportunities.

Sahara Bank needs to recruit more Libyan young graduates. For future recruitments, applications can be sent to the Human Resources department based in Tripoli. Interested candidates who fit the above criteria may apply to: Sahara Bank, Young Graduate Programme, Human Resources Manager, PO Box 270, Tripoli Libya.

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